Jansen is an Italian director whose childhood was spent traveling all over the world. This features strongly in his distinctive visual art. He has an Italian touch of style, creativity and elegance with a deep international background. He started directing music videos, winning different prizes all over the world following an early career in DJ-ing and music production. This has ingrained in him an instinctive understanding of the rhythms of visual communication. This combination of disciplines has created a context for every film, photography and artwork. He’s got a passion for fashion and a visceral, contemporary aesthetic which builds a unique visual storytelling combining seamless effects with aspiration minus the intimidation! His films are eclectic and innovative, like his ability to get under the skin and be immersed in his subjects. Whatever he shoots looks fresh and fabulous, from high fashion brands and sport athletes to cars and music artists. In his hands, every single product becomes “The product”. Originally from Milan, he’s become a true globetrotter, as likely to be found in Bangkok , Los Angeles or Mexico City as in his home town. He is actually still totally in love with music, speed, cars, extreme sport and emotional truth. He’s everything you’d expect from an energetically creative Italian director, and on top of that he is unfailingly charming, whatever the challenges.